(30 SHORT FILMS / 2009-2014)

The most urgent problems that humankind has to overcome in the next few decades are now in the public domain and are gaining ever wider recognition: an imminent world population of 10 billion, climate change resulting from human activity, the destruction of the environment, the depletion of natural resources, the ever more drastic inequalities between rich and poor people and nations and the consequently increasing conflict between national and international lobbies.

Unfortunately it is just a small, particularly well-informed minority that is exploring scientific, philosophical and political solutions to these problems.

However, more and more people in the richer nations are now at last beginning to ask how these problems can practically be solved, what must be done, and how the individual can make a contribution.

The WHAT IS TO BE DONE? series of short documentary films offers specific answers to precisely these questions, with contributions by renowned, independent, clear-sighted specialists who are leaders in their respective fields: natural scientists and social scientists, economists and ecologists, philosophers and activists. They explain clearly and concisely what the situation is, what needs to be done, what they themselves are doing, and how the individual can make a positive contribution. Each of the initial series of 30, 10-14 minute films deals with one aspect of the complex overall problem of genuine global sustainability and greater global justice, and each film makes one thing clear: solutions exist!

Most of the hurdles on the way to a sustainable and globally just world can be overcome! Technically humankind is capable of solving the problems it faces.

So what’s missing? That the ideas and backgrounds to solutions which aren’t easily implemented are understood, promoted and actively supported by enough committed individuals for a critical mass to develop - via democratic means - which in future crises will be needed to bring about essential changes.

Dirk Wilutzky & Mathilde Bonnefoy (2009)